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floor-tile-lifterHere at Cherry & White Tool Hire in Gloucester, we hire tools and equipment out for all occasions.

A popular market for us is the carpet cleaning and floor care industry where we hire tools such as carpet cleaners, pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, carpet stretchers and floor tile lifters out to domestic and commercial customers.

Floor tile lifters are an extremely popular piece of equipment because they make a difficult and time consuming task quick and easy! The floor tile lifter works by vibrating and using the machines blade to lift floor tiles, linoleum and carpeting up that has been stuck to the floor.

Our floor tile lifters come with high frequency vibrating blades, fully adjustable blade angles to suit the environment it is working in, and a choice of blade widths.

For more information about hiring our floor cleaning and floor care tool and equipment please contact Cherry & White Tool Hire in Gloucester.

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