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ppe-must-be-worn-signHere at Cherry & White Tool Hire in Gloucester safety is our priority, which is why we ensure that every piece of equipment hired from us has been fully and regularly serviced by our expert on site engineers.

Our safety approach includes;

  • Demonstration – All of our staff are always happy to demonstrate the controls and features of the equipment you’re hiring from us whenever required.
  • Instructions – We make sure that full safety instructions are supplied with each hired piece of equipment.
  • Protective Equipment – Advice regarding safety clothing will be given with all hired equipment, protective gear can also be purchased from us.
  • Advice – Our team members can provide practical advice on how to use your hire equipment safely.

When you hire from us we will always recommend the PPE you are advised to wear when using the tools or equipment. there include

1 – Safety Helmets – Protection against overhead obstacles and moving objects.

2 – Goggle & Eye Protection – We offer a range of certified eye protection for safeguarding eyes.

3 – Headphones & Ear Defenders – For the protection of hearing ear defenders or ear plugs should be worn.

4 – Dust Mask – To prevent the inhalation of dust and other construction fumes.

5 – Protective Gloves – Protective gloves are available and should be worn to prevent injury.

6 – Safety Boots & Protective Footwear – For extra safety on site to prevent injury protective footwear should always be worn.

Some of the equipment available for hire from Cherry & White Tool Hire can be potentially dangerous if the right Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is not worn or if it is used incorrectly.

To assist you in maintaining high safety standards we recommend the items of PPE that should be worn with each hire itemas per our staff recommendation.

For more information about our tool and equipment hire services contact Charry & White Tool Hire in Gloucester,

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