Why hire tools instead of buying them?

Here at Cherry & White Tool Hire in Gloucester we understand that different clients have differing requirements and that why we offer a range of tools and equipment for hire …. some small and some huge!

We often get asked whether its better to hire or buy …. so here are our thoughts on the matter.

Hire cost – If its a cheap product and you use it regularly its worth buying. Screwdrivers, chisels, planes, hammers etc are so affordable these days its not worth the hire cost. More expensive items however may be worth hiring rather than buying based on how long you need it for and how often it will be used. Also consider the cost or servicing and replacement parts when you are considering buying/hiring too!

How often will it get used? – If its only needed for a short time or a one-off use why buy when you can hire? And also consider servicing costs, storage, maintenance and insurance costs too.

Transportation – If its a larger item, how will you get it to and from the project workplace? Here at Cherry & White Tool Hire we offer collection and delivery service so thats a factor you don’t need to consider when hiring from us.

We hope this helps you make your mind up whether to hire or buy … and if you do need to hire please call Cherry & White Tool Hire in Gloucester …. and remember we also sell smaller tools too (i.e. hammers, chisels, goggles etc)

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