Some Great Home Improvements For 2017 …

Whether you are looking to add value to your property ready to put it on the market or if you want to improve your living space for your own family to enjoy, we run through our top home improvement ideas to add value to your home:

Loft Conversion

A 2014 report from the Nationwide Building Society claimed that on average, a properly designed and constructed loft conversion could add as much as 21% to the value of a property. It’s a great way of adding space without going through the hassle of having an extension built, and on the average three bedroom semi, it can add a decent sized bedroom with en suite. Speak to an architect regarding the best way to design your new rooms as you will also need to consider how the space will be accessed. It may be that beams will need to be moved to increase the height of the room, but supporting joists will need to be reinforced to take the weight of the roof. At Cherry & White Tool Hire we have a huge range of heavy duty planers and saws for hire to help cut through the thick timber beams.

Revitalise your Flooring

Carpet can look pretty dated as fashions and trends change every few years. Going for classic, high quality wooden flooring is timeless and will suit the vast majority of properties, whether it’s a contemporary town house or a traditional cottage. Go for hardwood flooring but shop around – you can find some great offers on high quality solid or engineered hardwood and the effect can really improve first impressions as visitors enter your home. Existing solid wood floors can be bought back to life by being sanded down and varnished – to hire a floor scraperto remove existing vinyl or linoleum tiles or a sander to smooth down your hardwood floors, get in touch with the Cherry & White Tool Hire team in Gloucester.

Revamp the Kitchen, the Heart of the Home

Most homeowners view their kitchen as the heart of the home, the hub of activity where family members gather to share meals and socialise. If your kitchen is looking a little tired and needs a refresh, a newer version could add approximately 5% to the value of your home. Consider how you wish your sink, oven and fridge to be positioned and work on from there. Whilst style may be at the forefront of your mind, remember to set the kitchen out in a practical and logical manner – you don’t want to have your fridge too far away from your food preparation area. Will you need additional power points added? Think about lighting too – under cabinet lights improve visibility when preparing food on the worktop and look aesthetically pleasing, too.

Focus on the Boring Bits

Whilst it can be tempting to focus on the cosmetic features to help increase the value of your home, don’t forget about making repairs and renovations to any structural defects. Check out the condition of your guttering, ceilings, roofing, plumbing and walls before you start redecorating. If the walls or ceilings are cracked or damp, identify the source of the problem and fix that in order to prevent it from getting any worse. If you get the basic, ‘boring’ things right, you can look to the more creative and interesting parts of home renovating.

If you are needing to hire tools or equipment in Gloucester to help you get the work done look no further than Cherry & White Tool Hire.

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