Turning The Heating On ….

1920x747This weekend at Cherry & White Tool Hire HQ we were having a chat about the weather turning! Its getting colder and we have had the heating on this past week.

If its getting cold in our houses, its also getting colder in the workplaces, including offices, warehouses, building sites and in shops too.

Here at Cherry & White Tool Hire we offer heater hire solutions for every type of business. Here is a list of the heaters available to hire from Cherry & White Tool Hire in Gloucester:

  • Halogen Heaters
  • Electric Infra Red Radiant Heaters
  • 240v High Level Heaters
  • Butane Catalytic Cabinet Heaters
  • Propane Box Heaters
  • 240V Fan Heaters
  • Electric Fan Heaters
  • Industrial Fan Heaters
  • 3 Phase Industrial Han Heaters
  • 240V Oil Filled Radiators
  • Direct Fired LPG Heaters
  • Direct & Indirect Oil Fired Heaters
  • Jumbo Indirect Heaters
  • Propane Patio Heaters
  • Space Heaters
  • Radiant Gas Heaters
  • Convector Heaters
  • Industrial Hot Box Heaters
  • Catalytic Room Heaters

If you cannot find a heater to hire from Cherry & White Tool Hire we would be amazed!

Remember the saying “a warm workforce is a happy workforce” … and if you haven’t heard that before its because we’ve just made it up …. but its true!

For more information about heater hire in Gloucester please contact Cherry & White Tool Hire in Gloucester.

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